Hoy se pone a la venta en España el iPad 2. Será a partir de las 5 de la tarde. Aunque imagino que hay gente con suerte que lo conseguirá antes de esa hora.

Mi opción —si puedo dar con uno— es el modelo 32GB 3G+WiFi. Si todavía no lo tienes claro, en ese caso la mejor reseña —como suele ser habitual— es la de Ars Technica (7 páginas): Ars reviews the iPad 2: big performance gains in a slimmer package. Su conclusión:

The iPad is now particularly attractive to new buyers—moreso than the original was. Apple has a better idea now of what the market wants and has made a move on what it thinks are the most important elements: size/weight, cameras (even if they aren’t the best), and overall performance. The current device feels more refined than the original in almost every way, and it strives to offer a premium tablet experience via iOS.

If you own an original iPad, we’ll be honest with you: there’s not much reason run out and upgrade unless you have specific needs when it comes to the iPad 2′s cameras or CPU/graphics performance. The performance gains are indeed noticeable though, so we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to upgrade just to ensure that your hardcore games don’t hiccup like they used to.